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Latest posts on TPSNews

TPSOperations - INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT: Fort York Bl + Bathurst St -Man believed to have been electrocuted -Unconscious, VSA -Firefighters performing CPR -Police/EMS o/s -Officers to assist with emergency run -Ministry of Labour will investigate #GO1178055 ^dh   (1 hour ago)

TPSOperations - COLLISION: Victoria Park Av + Ellesmere Rd **6:45 am** -Car struck SUV -Car has fled the scene -Car has struck other vehicles as well as TTC bus -Driver now walking away -Police o/s -1 male now in custody -Impaired by alcohol or drug #GO1176722 ^dh   (1 hour ago)

TPSOperations - COLLISION: Princeway Dr + Pharmacy Av -SUV + motorcycle involved -SUV also struck pole -Rider is injured -Transported to hospital -Unknown how serious -Pharmacy Av closed in area #GO1177167 ^dh   (2 hours ago)

TPS41Div -   (3 hours ago)

TPS41Div - This scam is happening a lot in Manitoba, but still good to be aware of, no matter where you live.   (6 hours ago)

TPSOperations - Missing man: Luigi Darsie, 90, LS at 6:50am, Keele St/ Eglinton Ave area, He is 5'4' 160 lbs wearing a brn or wht shirt, grey pants, black shoes. Driving Gold Toyota Camry, Plate # BCLF931 Anyone with info please call @TPS12Div 4168081200 #GO1172163^adc   (13 hours ago)


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